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Using plans to build an outdoor rabbit hutch has many advantages. First you can get great ideas on how to make a great hutch so your rabbits have enough living space and a run to exercise. The idea is to build the hutch to last and to fit the needs of the rabbits so down the road you won't have to do it again.

If you have been shopping for a rabbit hutch either online or in stores, you will agree that the prices are really outrageous for what you get. The most common mistake people do with rabbit hutches is that they go out and by a small rabbit house. You really need to understand the needs of the rabbits before you buy.

If you are going to raise rabbits, remember that they multiply very quickly and they also grow very fast. The last thing you want is a over crowded hutch with not enough space for your rabbits. Rabbits are territorial animals and they are going to fight is they don't have enough space.

So rather than buying an expensive small rabbit hutch, getting some good plans to make a good size rabbit hutch with a run is a much better option for you and your rabbits. If you don't plan on raising rabbits and you only have one or two of them,fine, they will only be happy to get more space.

Remember that if your rabbits are going to spend their entire life in a hutch, it is worth it to give them as much space as possible. Your hutch should be above the ground with a compartment inside for the rabbits to go get warm in cold temperatures.

To avoid your rabbits to get feet injuries, avoid having the hutch floor made of wire. Use a hard plastic sheet instead just like an indoor rabbit cage and give them a litter box.It is also important for them to have an old blanket or some hay in their bedding area.

Plans to build an outdoor rabbit hutch can allow you to make a great one at less than one third of the price you would pay retail but also to make it much better. The hutch solidity is very important to protect your rabbits against predators such as racoons, dog,cats or foxes. Some dogs even dig under the wired fence to try to get them so you must put the fence around your rabbit run at least one foot under solid ground.

Plans will help you build a good solid hutch and provide you with a list of the material needed and several different hutches designs.